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Cauli-Broc n’ Cheese

Wouldn’t you know, I’ve found myself back in the weight-loss habit.  Who knew that nomadic living wasn’t great for your waistline?

Anyways, I’ve been craving all the comfort foods now that I’ve got a big kitchen and time to cook again and those aren’t super fantastic for my waistline either.  So, I’m in “turn all your favorites a bit healthier” mode.  Which is how this recipe was born.  I wanted Mac n’ Cheese minus the calories & carbs, but still tasty and cheesy and homey.  

What you’ll need:

1 medium head of cauliflower, cleaned and chopped

3 cups broccoli florets

1 cup shredded cheese of choice

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup panko bread crumbs

1 egg

3 tbsp heavy cream

2 tbsp whipped cream cheese

Salt,pepper, garlic powder to taste.
What you’ll need to do:

First chop up your cauliflower and put the leftovers in a freezer bag for veggie broth at a later date.  Don’t toss your veggie scraps, freeze them!  Once your bag is full, crock pot it with water for 24 hours and bam, homemade veggie broth!

Next, toss your cauliflower in the oven to roast until fork tender, about 30 minutes at 350.  Yes, I use my stoneware for a baking sheet.  I adore my stoneware.  

While you are waiting for that to brown a bit, finely chop half a onion.  

Also, lightly oil a baking dish.  Again, I have a stoneware addiction.  I find it easier to care for then cast iron but, with the same seasoned non-stick ability.  This Loaf pan is pretty new so I’m still working on the seasoning.  ūüėä

In a mixing bowl (I use a stand mixer but any mixer will do) add the onion, seasonings, egg, and cream cheese.  

Around this time your cauliflower should be ready.  Don’t mind my pot of black beans, trying get to get dinner ready too. 

Toss those veggies in your mixing bowl, and mix well, the cauliflower will kind of fall apart and you want that. 

Now fold in the broccoli florets.

Transfer half of the mixture to your baking dish press it firmly into the bottom of the dish, drizzle one half of the heavy cream over it, and top with one half of the cheese.

Repeat with the rest of the mixture, cream, and cheese.  Then top with the panko. Admire my avocado leggings.  Tuesday is guacamole day.  Yes, I’m making tacos.  

Then pop that bad boy in the oven for approximately 30 minutes at 350, or until the top is brown and bubbly.  

In the future I’ll probably add turkey or beef and turn this into a one pot or casserole meal but it’s a perfectly hearty side dish on its own.  

Nutrition information: 

Here’s hoping this will help you stick to those healthy goals. ūüėČ


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Homemade Toaster Pastries

The last few months have been brutal. Between moving, running my boutique, Homeschooling, and the holidays…there hasn’t been time or desire to slow things down.  Until now.

Yesterday Auston and I finally visited the local library, got our cards and spent two hours exploring the never ending adventure that is a library.  He ended up checking out the Guardians of Ga’hoole series, and stayed up til eleven last night reading.  I however opted for a stack of Cookbooks, for new inspiration.  Inspiration was found – in the form of a ridiculously easy pie crust recipe.  

I was looking for a simple breakfast recipe, that I could freeze and have ready to just grab out of the freezer and pop in the oven in the mornings for Justin before he heads out for work.   I’m not normally functioning that early, and truthfully, I’m usually still in bed.   And, Justin has an affinity for those nasty store bought Toaster Pastries.  Yuck.  

So I thought, pie crust + filling + freezer = potential.  After a bit of experimenting (by experiment I mean feeding the boys and asking for opinions), I think this is a winner.  

What you’ll need:

2.5 cups flour

1 cup cold butter, cubed

1 egg plus 1 tsp water, for egg wash

1/3 cup water

2 tsps vinegar

1/2 tbsp salt

1 tsp vanilla extract for a sweet pastry, or 1 tsp bacon grease for a savory pastry.

Filling of choice.  I did Raspberry Jam in my first batch, and Peanut butter with mini chocolate chips in the second.  In the future I plan on doing pastry stuffed with eggs and bacon too.  
What you’ll need to do:

Put flour and butter in stand mixer bowl, and put away in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. 

 Meanwhile, mix the liquids and salt until dissolved.  After the dry ingredients are chilled, mix until the flour looks crumbly, maybe about 3 minutes on low.

  Then slowly drizzle in your liquid and like magic, watch your dough form!  Turn the dough out, knead, and stick it right back in the fridge for at least an hour.  

While that is setting, get an egg wash prepared (1 egg beat with a tsp of water) and set aside.  Also, prepare your filling at this time.  You’ll need approx 2 tbsp per pastry, and your pastry yield will depend on how thin you roll your dough.  At least 8, but probably 12.  

After your dough has chilled, cut it into quarters, and working quickly on a floured surface, roll out the dough thin.  Not paper thin, but I could definitely see my counter through the dough.  The dough will rise and get puffy and flakey and perfect if you go thin.  Using a rectangle of parchment paper cut to about double the size of a pastry, approx 4x 7 inches, as a guide quickly cut the pastry and lay flat on parchment paper. (You can see in my photo I traced a smaller guide to show you the filling space.)  Then fill the center of each with about 2tbsps of filling. 

 Using a clean paintbrush, egg wash all the way around the outer edge,  fold over, and use a fork to press the edges together to seal.  Also pierce the pastry 3 or 4 times for venting. 

 Then place on a baking sheet and bake at 375 for 25 minutes.  Transfer to a cooling rack, then freeze in a single layer on parchment paper, and use that paper to separate them in a freezer safe container.  To reheat, use the toaster or a Toaster oven, 375 for 5 minutes.  Simple and delicious!  

While the recipe is a bit time intensive, most of it it just wait time.  And you can’t beat the cost or the taste.  Enjoy!

-Peace & Pastry, Lindsy

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Well, we have our heading!



So y’all thought (and truthfully we kind of thought) that we were done with the ‘Great purge of thing 2016’- but we weren’t! ¬†Last week we found out that we would (FINALLY, after 3 long years) be moving back to Florida. ¬†I was so excited! ¬†Until we heard that it would be Boca in 3 weeks. ¬†For those of your not familiar with the South Florida cities, Boca is basically New York with palm trees. ¬†Not our style, at all. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I love me some palm trees, but I DO NOT love me some New York. ¬†The bad attitudes, the rotten drivers, the sky-high housing prices… ¬†Pass. ¬†BUT – It was Florida so we were willing to settle until we could move to a place that would be better for us. ¬†And 3 weeks to move, let’s call that ‘Challenge accepted’.

Then God… ¬†LOL! ¬†I feel like my Autobiography will be titled, “Then God”.

I was quite literally in the middle of filling out the reservation information for a hotel in Boca, when Justin got the call that we’d be going to Palm Coast instead. ¬†I shouted, actually shouted out loud, “THANK YOU JESUS!”

We visited the St. Augustine area last year, and absolutely fell in love.  It was beyond beautiful, and still felt like a smaller town.  Lots of nature!  We love to fish and canoe and hike, and there are so many Preserves and Parks. The beaches are amazing.  It just totally fits our vibe.

So the next hurdle was to find a place to live. ¬†That’s a big problem in Florida in November because snowbird season begins. ¬†That means everyone who lives in the cold snowy climates comes down for the winter and lives in Florida until it gets too warm for them and then they migrate back home. We were about to pull the trigger on renting and living out of an RV. ¬†But then God! ¬†I sent an email, pleading our case to a vacation home owner. ¬†Turns out she had an opening for the entire month of December, you know because that happens when you just ask to see the very next step. ¬†I always say I don’t need to see 3 days from now, just show me the next step and I’ll take it on faith.

The current “worry” – where will we put our stuff. ¬†Well, we decided to POD it. ¬†That’s being dropped off next week. ¬†We measured out the POD space in our garage and we are working on paring down what we own to fit into that space and that space only. ¬†Otherwise, we’ll have our suitcase, the canoe, and possibly a small turtle shell pull behind for our crossover – and that’s it. ¬†I could not even imagine how stressful it would have been to figure this out with all the stuff we had before we started the purge.

I’m so very thankful we listened to the God whisper. ¬†Let me explain something about faith. ¬†So far in my short time on this Earth, Faith has always looked really insane to everyone but me. ¬†Our friends and family think we are crazy, texting us asking if we are joining a cult, or how we enjoyed sleeping on the floor, and so on. ¬†Bring on the jokes and the criticism! ¬†Other people do not need to understand our faith, they don’t need to do what we are doing. ¬†I think one of the most important things this time has taught us is that the Joneses don’t matter. ¬†Their opinions, more then anything, don’t matter. ¬†What matters is our family unit, what’s best for the 3 of us, what makes our marriage stronger, and what brings us closer to God. ¬†That’s it. ¬†So, if you are about to do something that other people think is crazy, take comfort in knowing that you are in good company. ¬†ūüėČ

-Love your crazy with all the faith in the world, Lindsy

PS: I sold my desk.  My beloved, beautiful desk.  Justin and I will be sharing a workspace now.  Pray for us.


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We have How Much Stuff?

The average American home contains over 300,000 items.  We were certainly above average.  We are just well organized hoarders.

Here’s an excellent video for you to digest:



Let go. ¬†Add value to other peoples lives. ¬†Move one. ¬†It’s worth it.

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But What Will We Sleep On?!


I don’t have a “Before” picture of the Master Bedroom. ¬†There was a large, four poster canopy bed, with a set of matching nightstands, a blanket chest, and a long dresser. ¬†The set was absolutely massive. ¬†It took three guys to carry that dresser up the stairs, and the same amount to get out back down. ¬†I don’t think either of us even wanted to begin to fathom how much trouble it would be to move that set again.

When we first starting going through each room, deciding what we were willing to part with – this was actually the first thing we BOTH agreed needed to go. ¬†I had posted pictures of the set months ago on a bunch of local buy/sell/trade sites just to see what kind of interest there was in such a large set that definitely looked more “Florida” then “Alabama”. ¬†Not much. ¬†We thought for sure that we were going to have to end up taking this huge set with us where ever we went. ¬†Turns out we were wrong. ¬†This should just be our life motto, hahaha.

So, what are we sleeping on?  Turns out our bed is just as comfortable on the floor as it was on that outrageously, stupidly expensive, enormous bedroom set.  Who knew?

As a footnote, I’ve had a few messages asking about what we are doing with the money from selling our things, are we going to take some exotic trip around the world and live on the profit kind-of-thing… ¬†No, nothing so glamorous. ¬†We’ve been dumping all of the money onto our debt. ¬†Mostly credit cards. ¬†Ironically, much of this stuff got us there. ¬†Funny how now our stuff is helping us towards our goal of becoming completely financially free. ¬†I’ve given thought to doing a grand reveal at the end – a total of how much debt we are able to pay off by selling our things. ¬†Turns out that deciding to let it all go, also meant letting go of debt. ¬†I’m okay with that!

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The Dining Room is Officially Empty


We had a Pub Height Table, 5 chairs, a China Cabinet, and a 3×4 foot painting in the dining room. ¬†They have all officially found new homes. ¬†So, now the Dining Room is now my Agnes & Dora shipping central. ¬†We brought up the card table and folding chairs from the basement – and those can be folded up and put aside when I’m having a crazy sale, giving me tons of room to box things up and ship them out. ¬†My inventory can now be relocated out of the kitchen and out of my way, ¬†I’m probably most excited about that!

Out of all of those things, the only thing Justin regrets selling is the painting. ¬†Odd. ¬†But, not odd after I sat and thought about it. ¬†That painting was the first decoration that Justin and I bought together for our first place. ¬†It was stupidly expensive, and for two kids on a budget it was probably a silly purchase. ¬†I think it wasn’t the selling of the painting but the sentimental value it held that bothered him. ¬†Reminding us of simpler times, maybe? ¬†I’m not sure.

We ate dinner at the card table last night, and that got me to thinking about how much I value eating dinner as a family. ¬†When we do figure out where we are going, a dining room table is a must. ¬†I saw a beautiful Farm House style table, with slide in benches. ¬†That spoke “home” to me. ¬†Someday. ¬†ūüôā ¬†It’s funny that right now the only thing I sort of miss is the table, and that Justin misses a painting. ¬†Maybe, we are more sentimental then we thought we were?


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The Couches Were Next.


Hey Lindsy, are you really selling ‘ALL THE THINGS’?

Yes.  Yes we are.

The couch set is the latest victim. ¬†Let me tell you about these couches, they replaced a larger set that we have bought back when we had first moved in together. ¬†At first we really like them, they were more compact and fit in our spaces better. ¬†But then, Justin realized that every time he sat on them for an extended period of time, he’d get a migraine. ¬†Strange, right? ¬†I figure it has to do with his posture or something, because this set was much firmer then our previous set.

We have been walking through each room, and piece by piece asking ourselves: “Do we want to pay to have this item moved or stored?” ¬†If the answer is ‘No’, then up for sale it goes. ¬†It’s amazing how many things in our life we don’t want to pay to move or store again.

Don’t worry, we haven’t been sitting on pillows cross legged on the floor, we have a couple folding Papasan chairs we previously bought and have been using those instead. ¬†They fold up and can be stored out of the way if I want to do Yoga in the mornings in this new open space. ¬†Auston has been racing his cars around, and in the evening the boys have been chasing each other, laughing and wrestling. ¬†We can practice our amazing dance moves. ¬†Haha, just kidding. ¬†Everyone knows I don’t need any practice.

And no. ¬†We still have zero idea of what we are doing, or where we are going, or when we are going where we don’t know where we are going. ¬†Say that time times fast.

Are we crazy? ¬†Possibly. ¬†At this point, I don’t really care. ¬†ūüôā


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Today I sold the Keurig.


Today I sold the Keurig.

I’m aware the entire internet just let out a collective gasp.

Let me explain how this happened. ¬†Up until today I was placing stuff up for sale that didn’t mean a whole lot to me. ¬†Stuff that, for the most part, I didn’t use in my daily life. ¬†Let’s face it, that’s easy. ¬†I mean, it’s radical to sell your belongings, that’s true. ¬†But… ¬†What if you are being called to sell things that you actually use? ¬†Or things you might love.

I’ve joked about having a coffee addiction for a while. ¬†Coffee, the liquid elixir of life. ¬† I wake up, head downstairs, turn on my Keurig, and wait. ¬†Like a tiny counter-top sized beacon of hope.

I’m not even the biggest fan of K-Cup coffee. ¬†Doesn’t taste all that awesome, creates a ton of waste, it’s expensive, and I’m not entirely sure that I’m sold on how healthy heating up those tiny plastic parts and pods are either. ¬†BUT, the Keurig is so convenient!

So, I put away my French Press and got used to pushing a button.

Until this morning. ¬†I had a painting up on a Buy/Sell/Trade site. ¬†A woman commented that she wanted to buy my painting. ¬†So we started messaging, and during the conversation she asked if I also had a Keurig and a K-Cup storage rack for sale. ¬†What an odd question for someone who wants to buy a painting to ask. ¬†There was an immediate heart tug, telling me to let my beloved coffee maker go. ¬†So, I responded, “Oddly enough, yes, I do have both of those things.”

When I met this person, she hugged me!  She started telling me about her upcoming move to a very rural area where the nearest Starbucks is more then two hours away, and how a quick coffee maker will absolutely make her transition into country life a little bit easier (and how a beautiful seaside painting will remind her of her island roots).  That made my day!  She also complimented my skirt, which I had been feeling a bit self-conscious about Рso I also was able to share about my online boutique, and she asked for my car.  For the first time ever, I had a card on me, and someone asked for it!

So, I’ve dug out my French Press. ¬†And there is so much room on my counter-top now. ¬†Another tiny piece of freedom. ¬†What would be the hardest thing for you to sell?


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OMG! What are you doing with your life?!



Life is a little crazy right now…Ok, actually, life is a lot crazy and not just right now. ¬†Pretty much all the time.

If you’ve been following our adventure on Instagram (@mompetent) or on Facebook (Lindsy Hitchens) then you are probably aware that we’ve been selling everything we own and documenting it through crappy cell phone photos and semi-sarcastic Facebook one-liners.

There seem to be two equally amusing reactions to this: 1) Wow, that’s so cool, I’ve thought about doing that too! ¬†Or, 2) OMG! ¬†What are you doing with your life?!

So, here is the detailed answer.

We have no idea. ¬†No, we don’t have a house planned to move into. No we don’t know where we are going. ¬†No, we don’t know when we are going where we don’t know we are going. ¬†No, this isn’t some weird mid-life crisis (at least, I don’t think it is, but I’m only 31 so it seems a bit early to be calling this a mid-life kinda thing, right?) or some insane, “we are selling all our worldly possessions and joining a cult in Mexico” kinda thing either.

Here’s the deal. ¬†Our lease is up on our house that we are currently renting, so we’ve been going month to month. ¬†We aren’t thrilled with the prospects of continuing to live here. ¬†We recognize that we are working to pay to live the way we currently live, and that it’s nothing but a hamster wheel that we will never get off of unless we do something drastic, and that something drastic cannot continue to be : live in the ‘burbs and keep up with the Jones’s. ¬†We’ve been married for coming up on 9 years. ¬†In that time we’ve moved 7 times. We don’t have roots anywhere, and we aren’t exactly sure we want them BUT we are sure we don’t want them here. ¬†Do you know how many thousands of dollars we’ve wasted on moving our things from one place to the next? ¬†I could not even begin to count. ¬†We keep saying, “This is ok until we can make it to the next thing that is just ok too.” ¬†Do we need the 600lb 8 ft long, 6 ft tall entertainment center, (that is now so abused from being hauled all over the country that I wasn’t even sure it would sell) that took us a year to pay off? ¬†No. ¬†Do we need the patio furniture that we don’t even sit on because it’s so stupidly hot outside that sitting on anything outdoors is like sitting in a furnace? ¬†No. ¬†These are all things. ¬†Things we’ve been holding on to that don’t mean anything to us, that cost us money and peace of mind, that stop us from going where we want to go because we have to rent a Semi to move them.

Initially it was difficult to let things go, and I’m a purger, it’s never been difficult for me to get rid of anything. ¬†I’m sure there is some psychologist out there that would love to dabble around in my brain over the reasons why. ¬†That’s not needed, I can tell you. ¬†When you grow up not valuing possessions because you don’t have them, it tends to stick with you. ¬†I’ve gotten complacent though. ¬†I’ve learned to crave my nice things, my pretty rugs and my silly patio furniture. ¬†I walk through Target and I think, “Oh, that would look good in my living room”, and then I buy it, and bring it home, and put it in it’s perfect place. ¬†And it looks good. ¬†But it brings me no joy. ¬†In fact, I begin to feel guilty over it. ¬†Because it’s so unnecessary. ¬†Because I could have put that money towards our debt, a vacation, the vintage dress I really want, or anything else that is so much more important then things that gather dust and stress me out.

Something amazing has begun to happen. ¬†A friend of mine bought these rugs that I just loved, and had to have, and she sent me a before and after photo of her living room. ¬†It made me smile, from ear to ear. ¬†Those rugs totally belonged in her space! ¬†Then someone from my neighborhood that bought our TV center sent us a photo of it in their living room, and it looked AWESOME! ¬†It was a perfect fit for their space too! ¬†Letting go of our things is bringing other people joy. ¬†I’ve been getting pictures from strangers on the Buy Sell Trade sites where our things are listed for sale, and it’s been incredible. ¬†Each day, it’s gotten easier to let go of something else. ¬†We just had our cable turned off. ¬†Each day, I wake up feeling a little lighter, a little less worried, and a little more free. ¬†What are we doing with our lives, indeed.



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The Hangover

Let me first preface this post by saying that I’m not much of a drinker. ¬†Because it’s expensive, and it takes way too much money for me to get drunk, and because living (even temporarily) ¬†with an alcoholic gives you a different perspective.

So, today’s hangover is NOT brought to you by vodka. ¬†Contrary to my last post. ¬†Though I’d nearly prefer a vodka hangover. ¬†At least you know that some bread, a Tylenol, and a Gatorade can cure it. ¬†Nope, today’s hangover is an emotional one. ¬†And, if you even know me remotely, you probably know that I just don’t deal with emotions because they are illogical and cause you to make bad choices in the heat of the moment. ¬†And, they can also ruin your absolutely flawless eyeliner wing.

Yesterday was a terrible day. ¬†You ever wake up, and you just have that pit in your stomach that tells you that shit is about to go down, and that your best bet for survival is just to crawl back into bed? ¬†No? ¬†That’s just me… ¬†I knew it as soon as my feet hit the floor. ¬†If you know me at all then you also probably know that I’m fairly unsinkable. ¬†Not because I have an extra 70lbs, and built in personal flotation devices, but because I’m just confident that no matter what I’m going to be golden. ¬†I think survival mindset turns people into one of two things, sunken or unsinkable. ¬†Thankfully, I landed in the latter mindset. ¬†So, for me to feel like Satan is absolutely out to get me, then you know it’s real.

There was a culmination of about hundred things that I’ve been dealing with personally and professionally ¬†that all decided to just blow up in my face. ¬†That’s a pretty awful feeling. ¬†Not being one to sit in a pity party for myself, I instead dissolved into a negative downward anger spiral. ¬†Which led to angry tears. ¬†Which led to no sleep. ¬†Which only makes you wake up feeling even worse. ¬†So I took a puffy eyed selfie and put it up in my Facebook group for my business, and asked for quotes that make people feel better when they’ve had shitty days. ¬†People like vulnerability. ¬†It makes you seem less like text on a page and more like a human with a heart. ¬†But, vulnerability feels awful. ¬†Truly, gut-wrenchingly (I made a new word) awful. ¬†It leaves me feeling like I was doing kegstands last night. ¬†My eyeliner is NOT on point today. ¬†That’s ok. ¬†Tomorrow it will be flawless again. ¬†Something someone said to me once was (and good Lord I wish I could remember who it was), “It’s ok to feel bad for a minute. ¬†It’s ok to get angry or mad or sad. ¬†You just can’t unpack and live there. ¬†That’s not your town, you’ve got better places to be. ¬†So rest in that awful for a moment, then pack up your things, and move on.”

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